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Albany Lower Elementary School Counseling Program

Counselor:  Ashley Director

Email Address:

Phone Number:  225-567-1377

For the past 22 years as a school counselor, it is my daily hope that I make a difference in student’s lives each day. From tying shoe laces to working through difficult times, I am here to serve our students and families in order to help our students with overall success.


Within in each day, I might be found doing any of these responsibilities, 

  • Encourage healthy friendships and promote positive attitudes 

  • Frequent classroom guidance on character traits and successful school performance (Examples: respect, responsibility, honesty, friendship, healthy living, smart choices)

  • Short-term individual/group counseling to help with overall school success

  • Weekly attendance reports and parent truancy meetings

  • Assess the Need and Full Tummy

  • SADD Sponsor

  • Collaborate with administration and teachers to help identify student’s needs

  • Student honor roll/perfect attendance awards

  • Homebound chair

  • Crisis response team


If there is anything I can do for your student/family, please contact me by calling our school or emailing me at

Enjoy these precious school years as they go by so fast and know that I am here to support, help, and encourage in these first years of your child’s education! All the best!

Mrs. Ashley

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Livingston Parish Counselor’s Mission

The mission of the Livingston Parish Public School’s Counseling program is to deliver comprehensive school counseling driven by student data and based on standards in academic, career, and personal/social development for all students.


Click the icon above to reach the Livingston Parish Public Schools Family Resource Center.  The goal of the Family Resource Center is to provide resources that will assist, guide, support, and engage families with their children’s education.


27124 LA-42, Springfield, LA 70462

(225) 395-8022

A center located in Springfield that can assist with family counseling needs.  A list of additional outside agency resources are also available.


   The SADD Club meets monthly to raise awareness on different topics. We hope our students take these life lessons with them that will encourage and help as they move into the upper grades! 

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